What is Orthopedic Urgent Care?

Orthopaedic urgent care Los Angeles offers a superior alternative to emergency rooms and urgent care centers. We are a concierge orthopedic care clinic in Los Angeles that is open 24/7 by appointment that treats broken bones, sprains, cuts, sports, and workers’ compensation injuries Orthopedic Urgent Care  has an in-house digital X-ray, MRI and CT in the same building, and provides follow up care.

Will I pay more by going to Orthopedic Urgent Care ?

Orthopaedic urgent care Los Angeles charges the same as an emergency room would in the general geographical area for the same services. The charges are supposed to be covered and paid for by your insurance carrier after you meet your copay and deductible. We accept most insurance coverage for urgent/emergent services including PPO, EPO, and HMO coverage. We are out-of-network providers for most insurance carriers, Because most treatment in our center is due to the urgent/emergent care needed, the insurance carriers are obligated to cover you care.

What type of injuries does Orthopedic Urgent Care  treat?

Orthopaedic urgent care Los Angeles treats broken bones, sprains, cuts, foot/ankle, shoulder, back, knee, hand/upper extremity, bones/joints, muscle, work injuries, and sports injuries. View our Orthopedic Urgent Care Services