Fracture Care

Broken bones can often be treated conservatively, with just a cast or splint, but in many situations do require further treatment. It is important to treat a broken bone right away to ensure the bone heals in the proper position, and to make sure the vessels and nerves close by are unharmed. At Orthopedic Urgent Care, our best orthopaedic surgeon Los Angeles will take X-Ray, and possibly use Fluoroscopy (live X-Ray) to determine what treatment option is best for your fracture.


Casts and splints are applied onsite at Orthopedic Urgent Care. If your fracture requires a surgical procedure, one of our orthopedic surgeons will follow your care.


Fracture Care Conditions Treated


• Clavicle Fracture – Broken Collarbone

• CrossFit Injuries & Treatments

• Elbow Fractures

• Growth Plate Fractures

• Hand Fractures

• Pilon Fractures of the Ankle

• Shoulder Separation

• Stress Fracture of the Foot and Ankle

• Wrist Fractures

• Wrist Sprains